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We have invested thousands of dollars and hours into testing, researching, and producing the best spiral point tap set products reviews you can find online. This blog analyzed the price to find the cheapest spiral point tap set products to help you save money! Based on price, features, and ratings, we selected these 10 best spiral point tap set products after comparison. Stop wasting time and watch our blog to make smart purchases. The spiral point tap set products in the blog are from trusted stores. 

Chicago Latrobe 52581 GT18 High-Speed Steel Jobber Length Drill Bit and Spiral Point Tap Set with Metal Case, Uncoated (Bright) Finish, 18-piece, Wire Size, Letter, Inch, #6-32 to 1/2″-13 Tap Sizes


  • Set contains 9 jobber length drill bits, including wire gauge sizes #36, #29, #25, #21,and #7; letter sizes F and U; and inch sizes 5/16″ and 27/64″
  • Set contains 9 spiral point taps, including thread sizes 6-32 UNC, 8-32 UNC, 10-24 UNC, 10-32 UNF, 1/4″-20 UNC, 5/16″-18 UNC, 3/8″-16 UNC, 7/16″-14 UNC, and 1/2″-13 UNC
  • High-speed steel (HSS) provides hardness for wear resistance
  • Uncoated (bright) finish provides an untreated surface
  • 118-degree conventional point on the drill bit for a range of drilling applications
  • Made in the USA

Viking Drill and Tool by Norseman 57580 SP-18TD Type 20-UB Spiral Point Plug Style Magnum Super Premium Tap/Drill Set


  • 18 pc. Tap and Drill Set Premium High Speed Steel Spiral Point, NC
  • Spiral Point NC Tap & Drill Set
  • Contains: #36, 29, 25, 21, 7, F, 5/16, U, 27/64, 6-32, 8-32, 10-24, 10-32, 1/4-20, 5/16-18, 3/8-16, 7/16-14, 1/2-13
  • Set includes tap and corresponding drill bit
  • Spiral Point Gold Oxide Plug Style

Viking Drill and Tool 57990 SP-18TDM Type 21-UB Spiral Point Plug Style Magnum Super Premium Tap/Drill Set


  • 18 pc. Set Premium Metric Tap and Dies Index High Speed Steel Spiral Point
  • Spiral Point Plug Taps & HSS Drills
  • Contains: HSS Spiral Point Taps & Drills
  • Includes corresponding drill & tap
  • Spiral Point Plug Style Magnum Super Premium Tap/Drill Set

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Drill America – DWT57129 1/4″-20 High Speed Steel 2 Flute Spiral Point Tap, DWT Series


  • Used to make new threads or re-thread damaged and/or jammed threads
  • High Speed Steel Hand Taps come in three styles: Taper Style: Starts the thread square with the workpiece. Plug Style: Generally used in thru holes. Bottom Style: Generate the thread to the bottom of the hole.
  • High speed steel hand taps are the most versatile taps for hand use, or for tapping under power
  • Hand taps are popular for use in general machine tapping or CNC tapping
  • Uncoated tools feature just the base substrate without any additional treatment or coatings and are suitable for a wide range of applications

aiyun 10pcs Machine Screw Tap Set, Spiral Point Tap Set M3-M8 and Spiral Flute Tap Set M3-M8 Drill Thread Tap Set


  • [What You Will Have] Metric tap set Spiral Flute – 5pcs M3 M4 M5 M6 M8 , Tap set metric spiral Point – 5pcs M3 M4 M5 M6 M8
  • [Material] HSS6542 (high-speed steel) + titanium coating Classic HSS construction with titanium coating for capability and durability
  • [Designed] Designed to cut threads for standard-sized screws, clear and tidy, no burr, provide rapid chip removal for efficient threading
  • [Application] Suitable for drilling tapping cutting on light metal aluminum board, iron plate, ordinary stainless steel and other hard materials
  • Spiral point taps are suitable for through-hole thread processing; Spiral flute taps are suitable for blind hole threading

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Viking Drill and Tool 58010 SP-18TDF Type 20-UB Spiral Point Plug Style Magnum Super Premium Tap/Drill Set


  • 18 pc. Taps and Drills Set Premium High Speed Steel Spiral Point, NF
  • Spiral Point NF Tap & Drill Set
  • Contains: #33, 29, 25,21, 3, 1,Q, 25/64, 29/64, 6-40, 8-36, 10-24, 10-32, 1/4-28, 5/16-24, 3/8-24, 7/16-20, 1/2-20
  • Set includes tap and corresponding drill bit
  • Spiral Point Gold Oxide Plug Style

Champion Cutting Tool TD18-XL Brute Platinum NC Tap and Drill Set (18 Piece)


  • 18 piece NC drill and tap set- taps: 6-32, 8-32, 10-24, 10-32, 1/4-20, 5/16-18, 3/8-16, 7/16-14, 1/2-13. Drills: #33, #29, #25, #21, #7, F, 5/16, U, 27/64
  • Convenient Protective metal case for organized, neat, and safe storage of tools. Corresponding drill and tap equivalents for easy drilling and tapping of correct size holes.
  • Brute XL5 jobber drills: drill 2X faster than cobalt, drill 3X longer than competitors drills, drill more accurate
  • Brute XL22 premium high speed taps: thread longer, thread faster, thread accurate
  • XL22 spiral point tap ejects chips ahead of tap

Machine Tap 5 PCS HSS Spiral Point Titanium Coated Tap Machine Screw Thread Metric Tap Set M3-M8 (M3x 0.5 tap, M4 x 0.7 tap, M5 x 0.8 tap, M6 x 1.0 tap, M8 x 1.25 tap)


  • ✮ [PREMIUM MATERIAL]- This metric tap set is made of high quality HSS (High Speed Steel) with titanium coating, highly hard, sharp, rustproof, anti-corrosive, durable, ensuring long time use;
  • ✮ [DIMENSION]-5 PCS machine screw thread tap set includes: M3x 0.5 tap, M4 x 0.7 tap, M5 x 0.8 tap, M6 x 1.0 tap, M8 x 1.25 tap;
  • ✮ [FUNCTION]- Nice spiral pointed metric tap set used to create screw threads on wood, plastic, aluminum and more materials and remove chips simultaneously. The machine screw thread tap set have 5 different size spiral pointed taps for processing through-hole threads and deep-hole threads to satisfy your various needs;
  • ✮ [APPLICATION]-Great tap set for auto repair, household projects and machinery where metric threads are specified;
  • ✮ [USAGE]- This machine tap set is suitable for drill presses, tapping machines, CNC and milling machines. The machine tap set can be used with tapping oil to get better quality.

Compare different brands to buy the best spiral point tap set product

If you’re looking for a cheap brand to buy spiral point tap set products, then you’ve come to the right place. We have reviews on various brands and will help you find the best one for your needs!

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Champion Cutting Tool Brute Platinum XL22-1/4-20 Heavy Duty Spiral Point Tap: (Individual Pack)- MADE IN USA


  • Heavy duty spiral point taps thread quickly, accurately, and last longer when tapping steel and other tough alloys. Made in USA
  • Ideal for through holes applications since spiral point quickly Shears and ejects chips ahead of the tap
  • Special necked design for deeper, trouble free tapping and less tap breakage. Surface treated premium high speed steel for longer tool life
  • Plug style/three flute/H limits
  • Recommended for use with Brute xlt Tapper and Brute Lube Fluid. Can also be used in handheld tap wrench

uxcell Spiral Point Plug Threading Tap UNC 1/4-20 Thread, Ground Threads H2 3 Flutes, High Speed Steel HSS 6542, Titanium Coated, Round Shank with Square End, 2pcs


  • Specifications: Thread size: UNC 1/4-20; thread tolerance: H2; thread length: 23mm / 0.9″; plug chamfer and right hand thread cutting. 3 straight flutes are ground to provide downward chip removal
  • Material & Finish: High-speed steel tool is great for general purpose applications, offering high hardness and toughness. Titanium coating for improving wear and fusion resistance, long service life
  • Applications: Great for through-hole threads. Can be used for drilling and tapping stainless steel (below 30HRC), aluminum, die steel, ordinary steel, non-ferrous metals, hard plastics, etc.
  • How to Use: Suitable for drill presses, tapping machines, CNC and milling machines. Used with tapping oil to get higher quality threads and more durable taps
  • Warm Tips: Machine taps are suggested to be used with tap chucks with overload protection. It is not recommended for hand use and electric drill tapping

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