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Utah Pneumatic Push To Connect Air Fittings 1/4″ Od 1/8″ Npt Air line Swivel Fitting Elbow Union Push Connect Nickel-Plated Brass Pneumatic Fittings Pneumatic Connectors PL-1/4-N1 (5 Pack)


  • SPECIFICATION: Acceptable : Air Fitting Pressure Range: Max Working Pressure: 1Pa | 150psi/ Working Temperature:-20°C—120°C | -4°F—248°F Applicable Tube: PU/NYLON/Soft PE Hose Push Connect Air Fittings Push Tube Fittings Air Line Quick Disconnect
  • Installation : Ptc Air Fitting Can Be Done Within A Short Period Of Time. This Tube Connector Is Available In Various Styles And Models Each Model To Serve Its Purpose All Models Of Push In Connector Are Designed To Suit Your Pneumatic Piping Needs Perfectly
  • Thinking Of Changing The Tube Direction After Installation ? Air Line Ptc Fitting Be Relaxed . You Can Easily Change The Tubing Connector Direction Even After Installation. The Release Ring Conforms With The Ellipse Design OF Air Line Fittings Quick Connect Ensure That The Disconnecting Unit Is In Good Shape
  • It’s Important To Note The Taper Threads On Each Npt Air Fittings Are Properly Coated With Teflon For Optimal Performance Of The Entire Air System.All Quick Connect Tubing, Contains Internal Hexagonal Holes ; This Enhances The Installation Of The Push Connect Fittings Npt Fittings Process In A Narrow Space
  • These Push In Fittings Meet The Pressures And Temperatures Mentioned. Our Brass Fittings For Plastic Tube Is More Resistant To High Temperatures We Are Ready To Serve You And Answer Any Questions Related To Our Connect It Fittings We Are Committed ToQuality Of Our pushlock air fittings push tube

VIAIR 11446 1/4″ NPT(M) to 1/4″ Airline 90 Degree Swivel Elbow Fitting (DOT Approved) (Pack of 2)


  • DOT approved
  • Nickel plated brass
  • 200Psi Max working pressure
  • Made from nickel-plated brass

VIAIR 11842 Male Airline 90 Degree Swivel Elbow Fitting, 1/8″ NPT x 1/8″ (Pack of 2)


  • DOT approved
  • Nickel plated brass
  • 200Psi Max working pressure
  • Made from nickel-plated brass

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CEKER 3/8 Elbow Male Airlines Push Fittings 90 Degree Push to Connect Fittings Air Fittings, PL 1/4″ Tubing Od x 3/8″ Npt Thread Pneumatic Push In Connectors Quick Connect Tube Fittings 5Packs


  • Type:1/4 Od x 3/8″ Npt Thread Push to Connect Fittings; Body Style: male 90°Degree Elbow ;Made of quality plastic and stainless steel; corrosion resistance, ductility
  • 1/4 Od Air Fittings Fluid Admitted: Air, Water (No Freezing); Applicable: Pipe PU/ PA/ PE/ PVC; Working Temperature: 0-60°C | 32~140°F;Working Pressure:0-1.0mpa | 0-150psi; Proof Pressure:3.0Mpa | 435psi; Negative Pressure:-100Kpa | -29.5 In Hg
  • The 3/8 Airline Push fittings are available in various styles and models ,All models of push in connectors are designed to suit your pneumatic piping needs perfectly
  • Easy to install to 1/4 OD tubing and removed, even can change the tube connector direction after installation easily,360-degree rotate freely
  • The release ring of Pneumatic Air Tube 1/4 od Fittings conforms with the ellipse design to ensure that the disconnecting unit is in good shape;offering good seal property

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Joywayus 3/8″ Hose ID x 1/4″ Male NPT Swivel 90 Degree Elbow Brass Pipe Fitting Plate Nickel Water/Fuel/Air


  • Material: Nickel Plated Brass
  • 3/8″ barb x 1/4″ male NPT swivel
  • Durable material construction,brass stone,long service life.
  • Suitable for almost all hose
  • Easy and convenient to install because it has active parts,Barb Rotating 360 Degree on the Thread

Utah Pneumatic Dot Air Fittings 1/4 Od 1/4 Npt Swivel Elbow Union Brass Push Air Brake Fittings Saej844 For Nylon Air Line Brake Tube Applications Air Suspension Fittings (2 Pack)


  • Typical application: Air brake systems suitable Air Lift brake line fittings
  • Maximum operating pressure of 150 psi brake tube fittings
  • Temperature Range:_65°F to +250°F-40°C to +93°C sae brake line fittings
  • Material:CA360 ,CA377 Brass
  • Used With:Tubing in air brake systems

Benefits of buying air line swivel fitting elbow products

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1/4 Union Elbow Push to connect fittings Stainless Steel Tube Fittings Push Connectors,CEKER 1/4″ x 1/4″ OD Tube Quick Connect Fittings Air Line Fittings 2pack


  • Type:1/4″ Od x 1/4″ Tube Od Push to Connect Air Tube Fittings; Body Style: 90°Degree Elbow Push in fitting
  • 1/4 Stainless Steel elbow tube fittings Fluid Admitted: Air, Water (No Freezing)
  • 1/4 union elbow quick connect fittings Working Pressure:0-1.0mpa | 0-150psi; Proof Pressure:3.0Mpa | 435psi; Negative Pressure:-100Kpa | -29.5 In Hg
  • 1/4 elbow air line fittings Applicable: Pipe PU/ PA/ PE/ PVC; Working Temperature: 0-60°C | 32~140°F
  • 1/4 elbow air fittings Lock Claw:Nickle-Plated Brass /Body:Nickle-Plated Brass; corrosion resistance, ductility

Vixen Air 3/8″ NPT Male to Push to Connect (PTC) for 3/8″ OD Hose Swivel Elbow – Bundle of Two Fittings VXA2323-2


  • Thread Size: 3/8 inch NPT Male
  • For 3/8 inch OD Hose
  • Pressure Rating: 250 PSI
  • Swivel
  • Zinc Plated Durable Brass Material

ABN 1/4in NPT 360 Degree Swivel Connector with Adjustable Tension Control to Stop Leaks – For Any Air Tool


  • Convenient: This ABN 1/4″ Inch NPT 360 Degree Swivel Connector accepts NPT threads, 1/4-inch fittings and quick connect adapters
  • 360-Degree Swivel: Increases maneuverability, reduces hose stress and kinks, extends hose life, and reduces operator fatigue
  • Non-Restrictive: This connector offers an obstruction-free flow
  • Adjustable: A screw on the end of the unit adjusts the tension and stops/prevents leaks
  • For Any Air Tool Application: Perfect for use on any compressed air line

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